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Bachelor's Degree in English Literature at the University of East Anglia, a burgeoning world centre for creative-critical writing studies in Norwich, a UNESCO City of Literature. Features Senior Writer for Concrete, University of East Anglia's Award-winning Student Newspaper. Exploring a variety of popular social topics and sharing personal student experiences to inform and enlighten our student readership. 

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Artel, Norwich

Study Spaces and Wellbeing in Norwich

It’s the time of year that all students dread. The final stretch before a summer of freedom, the spring exam season is rearing its head. And while I, like many students, prefer to push this information to the back of my mind until the inevitable wave of stress eats me up on the inside and becomes all-consuming, one way we might try to tackle our anxiety towards the upcoming assessment period is by broadening our horizons in seek of new and exciting study spaces.
On Jones Beach/Anglia Square No. 1-4, Paul Levy

OUTPOST: Norwich’s Imminent Loss

OUTPOST has been a vibrant hub for the arts community in Norwich since 2010. An artist-run charity committed to promoting contemporary art, the OUTPOST gallery facilitates a programme of five exhibitions a year, in addition to managing offsite projects and events and running two artistic programmes. However, being based at Gildengate House in Anglia Square, the upcoming redevelopment of the square means that OUTPOST Studios will soon be demolished.
HUMBLE., Kendrick Lamar

Music Videos – Are They Necessary?

Growing up with a teenage sister in the early 2000’s, MTV ruled our television screen. Counting down the top charts while we fought over whose turn it was to take over the control, we spent the weekends dancing to music videos in the living room. But in an age where Spotify and TikTok now take precedence as the top video and music entertainment platforms, we may question whether music videos are still relevant today.
The Batman, Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson’s Filmography

Strolling down the magical hallways of Hogwarts as handsome Hufflepuff Cedric Digory, sparkling in the sunlight as heart-throb vampire Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson has successfully leaped between big budget blockbuster productions. These have included Harry Potter and Twilight, alongside notable art-house indie films. Spotlighted for his incredible acting capabilities, taking on versatile roles and collaborating with visionary directors that have led him towards building a fascinating career
Concrete, Exploring Art and Eroticism: A Timeline

Exploring Art and Eroticism: A Timeline

A visual expression of physical passion and sensuality, art has always been a means for creative sexual exploration. Sexual desire is inherent to the human condition, being the glorified performance of the natural naked body. Throughout history, our hunger for depictions of human sexuality and eroticised bodies has been reflected within the art world. Here are some of the pieces that stand out within the art and eroticism timeline.
Euphoria, HBO

The Rising It-Girls of Euphoria

A Gen-Z sensation, HBO’s American teen-drama series Euphoria has not only become an instant television success since the first season’s release in 2019, but returning for its second season this January, is now one of the most inspirational series for fashion searches around the globe. Following a messy friendship group with a graphic storyline, Euphoria explores the emotional trauma current teenagers face as they navigate high school. With the show’s bold character styling and iconic wardrobe de

The Looks of Paris Fashion Week

Various A-list celebrities were spotted at the fashion extravaganza that was Paris Fashion Week from the end of February to the beginning of March, as luxurious fashion brands introduced their dramatic fall collections from Dior, Chanel and Valentino to Louis Vuitton, Balmain, and Saint Laurent. Sitting front row and sauntering the fashion shows in their own ensembles, the star-studded guestlist drew our attention as they attempted to stand out from the crowd in a bid to convey their unique fash
Concrete, The Sober Student Experience

Alcohol Anxiety and the Sober Student Experience

At school and college, I was a quiet, shy, and socially anxious student. Drowning in a pool of extroverts who would shout their thoughts across the room, being ‘sensible’ was my coping-mechanism. I learned to stay quiet in class and keep my head down in the hallways, so as not to draw attention to myself. I made sure to stick to the huddles of my friendship groups, the only place where I truly felt like I could comfortably be myself. As an introvert, I’ve come to accept that being a calm, quiet,

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